At Trillium Pointe we have a coaching program designed to help you through your challenges. We help you to define success and then help you realize it. We work on common problem areas such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources (HR), Information Technology, (IT), Leadership and Strategy. We also work on challenges that are unique to your company.

Coaching Services

Business Coaching – Executive Coaching – Individual Coaching

We offer coaching programs that are focused exclusively on you and your business through one-on-one services. These sessions may be expanded to include key stakeholders such as partners. The alternative is participation in a forum with a group of peers where broader issues are covered and the key challenges of the group’s participants are addressed.

One-on-One Coaching

You have done well, but you know deep down that you can do much more. Through one-on-one coaching, you will get a customized program and regular coaching session to accelerate your progress and achieve your goals. By meeting with your coach on an ongoing basis, you will deal with both the short term challenges that come along and develop a long-term plan aligned to your goals. A variety of tools are included for business assessment, behavioral assessment and more. Unlimited telephone and e-mail coaching support is included.


A group provides the opportunity to learn both from a coach and from a set of your peers. This is a monthly program that gathers together the coach with a small group of peers who confidentially work through shared challenges to solve problems and build insight. This forum provides a fantastic opportunity to learn best practices from others, learn together, help others with your knowledge and experience, and develop relationships. A rising tide will float all boats.



We tend to focus on the most challenging areas of our business and leave the rest to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” bucket. If you want to check out where you are from a business perspective, we offer a Business Effectiveness Evaluation to cover all areas of your business including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Business Systems
  • Succession Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership.

This evaluation can be done independent of a coaching relationship .


Know thyself. Personal Development starts with self-awareness. To be an effective leader, having a good understanding of your own behavioural style is essential. Next comes knowing the behavioural style of the people around you. With both, you have the foundation for effective communication. We leverage E-DISC as the tool for the assessment and then review the results with you to develop a plan that best helps you to achieve your goals. The tool can also be used for your team or other individuals that you choose. A great way to build the team.


We work on a wide variety of consulting projects including strategy development, problem diagnosis, special projects and change management. There may be times when you just want us to roll up our sleeves and work on a project for you. It could be in any area of your business. We are happy to assist.


Custom training can be provided to meet your needs on a wide area of business effectiveness and personal effectiveness.