“After recognizing that I had been working “in” the business and not “on” the business, Peter has been able to provide clarity and worked with me to build a “living” business plan that measures progress in a systematic way. He has also helped me realize that I need to hone new skills and actions in an ever changing business climate. Every once in a while, Peter will give me a nudge when he sees me dragging my feet on something I know I should get done. Peter is a great sounding board and has helped me to define success on my terms.”

Mike Meyer, Owner – Exterior Transformations

“Peter has helped me to rethink how I direct my organization and to shift from a heavy portion of “firefighting” to a more planned and thoughtful approach. I have been able to avoid problems in the organization and deliver results more predictably. I have also shared some complex people issues with Peter, and he has been able to help me find pragmatic actions to work through the problems constructively. Peter challenges me to think about my problems in different ways, using his insights, research and knowledge of leading edge leadership practices. It is extremely helpful to share my challenges and aspirations with Peter and explore ways to achieve my goals in a way that is consistent with who I am.”

Vice President of Shared Services in Healthcare

“Before we met Peter Rakoczy of Trillium Pointe Business Solutions we had no idea of what a business coach is or does. Thank goodness we do now because Peter has transformed our business. With his hands on approach to helping deliver long term goals combined with short term tactics is a one-two punch that has given us excellent results in terms of business success and future prospects. We would never be where we are now in terms of profitability if it weren’t for Peter’s assistance in finding our niche and capitalizing on it. I highly recommend Trillium Pointe to all business owners”.

Jeff Butters
Beacon Pest Control Services

“Peter’s holistic approach to business coaching helped me to connect with my business and has placed me on a path for long-term growth and success. With his guidance I have linked my personal values to my business model / offering and my desired outcome for my customers. I now have a clear vision of how I add value to my customers and the ultimate experience / outcome I deliver. This clarity has reset my confidence, and has changed the way I interact with customers and referral partners”.

V. Thomas
Bizmaxr Inc