Why don’t my employees seem to care as much as I do about my business?

Trillium Pointe - Blog Picture - Employee.jpgAs a business owner or manager, have you ever muttered any of the following under your breath about your employees?

“Do they think that I am not paying them enough to care?”

“Maybe I’m just wired differently than they are.”

“I think I hired the wrong people – the right people are out there somewhere.”

“My employees are behaving like a bunch of entitled brats.”

“If I need something done well, I have to do it. After all, it’s my name on the door and my reputation.”

“I’m tired of doing everything myself!”

“If only my employees could be more like….more like…well, more like me.”

Do you really want all of your people to be you? You have hired them all for a reason and they likely bring some different skills and experiences to the table.

Have you told them what to do to be successful? Everyone deserves to know their path to success.

Are they clear on their roles? Understanding their core responsibilities and goals can only help.

Do they know what everyone else around them is supposed to do and when? By understanding their own roles in the context of others, they can function as a productive member of the team.

Do they know how you would do things if you were performing in their roles? Having documented processes for the things you really care about will enable your business to scale.

Do they know what your company is all about? Employees need to know where they fit and how they contribute to the company’s goals.

Do they know where your company is headed? Only by knowing your direction can they get inspired to help you get there.

With a little help from you, your people just might care as much as you hope they will.